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President's Message

First of all... as your president, the first question I have to ask....what are you people thinking? 

But here I am, and I will serve to the best of my ability. The part that comforts me and should comfort you, is that I have a great group of people to help me. The PPANE board is made up of great, caring and capable people and I thank you... the PPANE board... for YOUR service.

Each PPANE president is tasked to pick a theme for their tenure as president. My theme for the coming year is “Building Bridges. Our organization is experiencing a period of great change in large part due to the extreme changes in the way people are now educating themselves, organizing into groups and even relating to each other one to one. So much is now being done via social media. We’ve all have seen two teenagers sitting at opposite ends of the same couch texting each other rather than talking. That is now big part of our world. I teach two college Photoshop classes and never see any of my students in person. However, I know person to person teaching is still incredibly valuable, not only for the education but also for the building of relationships. So many of the friends I have now are because of my relationship with the New England affiliates and PPA.

So how do we build bridges to reach the people who don’t see the value in what we are doing? That is the million dollar question. We need to meet the uninitiated where they are: even more social media, more online videos, for example ...while not alienating those long-term members who already know what great educational opportunities and amazing networking we provide through PPANE, NEIPP and through our events like today and tomorrow. 

I’m not under any illusions here. This is going to be a challenging year for PPANE and NEIPP. We have a whole lot to do and some major obstacles to overcome but working together, we can build a bridge to new era for PPANE.

Ella Carlson, M. Photog., M.Artist, CR., CPP, EA-ASP


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