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NEIPP 2018 - Photoshop and In Camera Creativity

  • 08 Apr 2018
  • 12 Apr 2018
  • Resort and Conference Center at Hyannis


  • This would cover the Sunday thru Thursday Course, and two 2 day courses.
  • This covers a single 2 day course for PPANE member.
  • This would cover the Sunday thru Thursday Course, and two 2 day courses for PPANE Members

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NEIPP Full Week Class 2018 Registration

"Photoshop & In Camera Creativity"
Lisa Cuchara 

 "Creativity is contagious, pass it on!"  Learn how to be creative in your camera and in your post-processing. Long exposures, multiple exposures, overall creativity in camera and in post-processing and creative focusing, etc.

Creativity in the camera and in post-processing” Creativity is both in the camera and in post-processing will be explored. Long exposures, neutral density, multiple exposures, and many other options.

"How to make your photographs POP with Adobe Camera RAW (ACR). Learn the ins and outs of ACR (Adobe Camera RAW). Expand your post-processing capabilities by learning how to make your images POP by processing your images in ACR. 

"Layers and Masks: Masking Your Way to a Better Photograph”.   Learn about adjustment layer and masking. Expand your post-processing capabilities by learning about LAYERS, the heart of Photoshop, and MASKS, the soul of Photoshop.

"Plugins" for Photoshop Plugins can really help to add impact to your photographs.

Applying Textures to photographs. Join Lisa as she shows you how to edit some of your photographs to give them a different feel by applying textures to them. Textures can add a mood or a feel to an image; making the photograph softer, warmer, grungier, older, etc.

The Creative Use of Blend Modes in Photoshop. Unleash the power and creativity of blend modes! Layers and masks are the heart and soul of Photoshop, but blending modes are the spice to allow you to blend layers together to create effects. Have some fun with your photographs and come join Lisa and she will show you how Blend modes will enhance your creativity.

Some of her images


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